This week in design – 30 July 2010

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It’s nearly August everyone! Well done, everyone still here? Fantastic!

Welcome to GUADEC

Busy ‘ol week here in the design team. For starters Charline, Ivanka, David and Matthew all went to GUADEC. Ivanka blogged about her two days in attendance and we’d encourage you to catch up with other attendees to get their take on it.

You’ll also no doubt have seen that we’ve updated the beta test of the Ubuntu font which now includes our snazzy bold font! We hope those of you with access like it a lot and remember you can feed back to us via the launchpad project.

On the desktop we’ve come back from very successful sprints to review progress to date and are pleased to report that Maverick is really starting to take shape. Alpha 3 is only a week away and before you know it we’ll be at Beta which is why we’re starting to get excited about free culture again!

As part of Maverick we would like to include updates to the free culture showcase. You can find out more about getting involved on the Ubuntu wiki page created for the project. Beta is a month away so get cracking on your photo, music and video submissions.

We’re pushing our research forward with a look at Shotwell this week. Stay tuned for a write up of the results coming soon!

We’ve also updated the guidelines in the last week. More will follow as we plan out the next steps for rolling out the new identity across a range of websites. This is also an area where you can help all Ubuntu users. If you see an old logo or something out of date on a blog, user group or website contact the organisers and encourage them to visit the toolkit section of this very blog to get the assets that they need to update it.

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