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Tendering with Ubuntu


on 17 April 2015

This article was last updated 9 years ago.

Public and private entities across the globe are increasingly turning towards Ubuntu for high performing robust solutions and saving millions in the process! Canonical recognises this growing demand and we are building more tools that will allow these entities to get product pre-loaded by OEMs which is fully enabled and compatible with the hardware.

Canonical the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu has recognised that demand for Ubuntu has increased considerably in the past years. Today we count over 25 million users and the numbers keep growing rapidly. The demand is coming both from enterprise and consumer segments. However, we see a growing number of education and government entities make the step towards Open Source. They see value added all across the board. Not only does Ubuntu provide a secure OS for desktop, laptops, tablets and servers, but it comes with literally thousands of applications free and paying that can be installed in just a few clicks.

Here are some of the questions that public and private entities have asked us to prepare for tenders:

How does Ubuntu certification work?

Canonical has put in place a certification programme wherein we work with OEMs directly. We get the hardware in our technical labs and make them forego a battery of tests which aim at defining the compatibility between the software and the hardware. If driver development is required, then Canonical works with the component manufacturers to develop drivers, integrate them into a master image and pre-load the hardware.

How is the Ubuntu certify image differ from an image downloaded from

An Ubuntu certified image offers end users a radically different experience, because all components within the hardware will simply work out of the box and continue to offer great performance throughout the life of the Ubuntu version. Canonical will ensure that any modifications that may be necessary due to security updates and patches are fully tested and integrated into the master image before the updates are pushed out to market.

How is an Ubuntu certified hardware image different from non-Ubuntu certified hardware?

The Ubuntu image pre-loaded will come with all drivers integrated and maintained throughout the life of the Ubuntu version. If the end client were to use a 'standard' image from it is likely that not all components will work. The standard image on integrates some drivers, but it is likely that recently released components drivers will not be available.

Is Ubuntu certification very costly?

End clients do not have to pay for Ubuntu certification. By specifying in the tender or call for papers that you wish an Ubuntu Certified product delivered, then the burden relies on the OEM delivering the hardware. Global OEMs like HP, Dell and Lenovo have already certified hundreds of configurations that are readily available.

Can any OEM obtain Ubuntu certification?

Yes. We have done extensive work to enable devices with global computer manufacturers like HP, Dell and Lenovo; however, any company who manufactures computer devices and commercialise them to market can apply for Ubuntu certification.

For further questions on Ubuntu or Ubuntu certification please contact

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