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Results of the Ubuntu Desktop Applications Survey

by Dustin Kirkland on 19 September 2017

I had the distinct honor to deliver the closing keynote of the UbuCon Europe conference in Paris a few weeks ago.  First off — what a beautiful conference and...

Cloud and server
Cloud and server

So you’ve decided to make an Ubuntu promotional video

by Canonical on 11 October 2011

We made a video outlining what makes Ubuntu 11.10 so great and you can make one too in your language using this guide and assets.


Celebrate Ubuntu!

by Canonical on 31 May 2011

At UDS in Budapest we held a session on the idea of a toolkit for community members. It would allow anyone excited enough to show off and celebrate their use...


Just an average day in 2014

by Canonical on 3 September 2010

While I’m not convinced that Sweden will actually win the world cup there’s lots to like about this “five minutes into the future” look at how we might share...


Curious displays

by Canonical on 23 April 2010

Video on Vimeo by Julia Yu Tsao showing an interesting, and very futuristic, concept to display information in a physical environment.