Third update to the Ubuntu Light Themes

by Canonical on 10 September 2010

Still Andrea Cimitan, still good news for you 🙂 This is a small blog post to list few of the changes we did to light-themes: Menuitem speedup, hurray!!! 😀...


Second update to the Ubuntu Light themes

by Canonical on 26 August 2010

Hi guys I’m Andrea Cimitan! 😉 Sorry for the delay but here we are, with an abundance of updates for Ambiance and its complementary bright theme, Radiance! It...


This week in design – 13 August 2010

by Canonical on 13 August 2010

It’s Friday the 13th! Thankfully it’s past midday so safe to write this post. We’ve had a busy week although it’s been a bit quiet as people have been away on...


An Update to the Ubuntu Light Themes

by Canonical on 9 August 2010

One of our key objectives when we started conceptualising the new themes was their ability to be immediately recognisable as Ubuntu, even if represented as a...