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Cloud and server

Redefining the Developer Event

by Alexia Emmanoulopoulou on 24 May 2017

By Randall Ross, Ubuntu Evangelist We’ve all been to “those other” developer events: Sitting in a room watching a succession of never-ending slide...

Cloud and server

Hacking Through Machine Learning at the OpenPOWER Developer Congress

by Alexia Emmanoulopoulou on 23 May 2017

By Sumit Gupta, Vice President, IBM Cognitive Systems 10 years ago, every CEO leaned over to his or her CIO and CTO and said, “we got to figure out big data.”...

Cloud and server

Cognitive computing, Ubuntu and POWER8

by Ellen Arnold on 2 March 2016

Create a competitive advantage with cognitive computing, and see how IBM has brought back innovation with the OpenPOWER foundation. Last week we attended IBM...


OpenPOWER Foundation: Continuing the Datacenter Revolution

by John Zannos on 5 January 2016

Today, I am pleased to announce that I have accepted my nomination to be the new Chair of the OpenPOWER Foundation. OpenPOWER represents a gigantic leap...

Cloud and server

Ubuntu with IBM Power Systems LC models for big data

by John Dolen on 8 October 2015

Juju makes it easy to model and deploy Spark and other analytics solution bundles IBM has extended its range of Ubuntu supported systems with today’s...

Cloud and server

IBM briefing: build the future with Ubuntu on OpenPOWER

by Canonical on 29 October 2014

Does your application use PHP? Are you looking to quickly increase business opportunities? Are you interested in adding new Cloud, Mobile, or Big Data...

Cloud and server

Deploying workloads on IBM POWER8 Systems

by Jorge O. Castro on 17 October 2014

In this demo we show how you can use Juju to deploy workloads onto IBM POWER8 systems.

Cloud and server

Ubuntu with Redis Labs, Altera and IBM Power supply new NoSQL data store solution

by John Zannos on 10 October 2014

Big Data, scale and cloud are the big topics of technology today. Canonical with Ubuntu continues to drive innovation through commitment to openness and...