Canonical and Dell deliver Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition

by Canonical on 21 April 2010

Canonical, Dell and Intel Team up to deliver Moblin Ubuntu Remix Developer Edition on Inspiron Mini 10v Canonical and Dell have collaborated to bring the...


Dell announces support for Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

by admin on 24 March 2010

On Wednesday Dell announced a comprehensive overview of its enterprise strategy. Significant in its announcement, was the addition of Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud...


Dell's new Ubuntu powered Inspiron Mini 9

by Canonical on 4 September 2008

Here at Canonical we are pretty excited about the global announcements today from Dell about its new Inspiron Mini 9, which will soon ship in many countries...


Mo' Dell

by Canonical on 22 February 2008

You might have missed it but Dell has expanded the availability of machines running Ubuntu to Canada and Latin America. New territories seem to be becoming...


Dell answers customer calls for Linux in Europe

by Canonical on 6 August 2007

Dell today unveiled two consumer PCs in Europe – the Inspiron 6400n and the Inspiron 530n – with the Ubuntu 7.04 Linux operating system factory installed....

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