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Rackspace joins Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud

This article was last updated 8 years ago.

Continuing to validate the importance of certified images in the cloud

Ubuntu, the world’s most popular cloud operating system, has gained additional traction with Rackspace, a managed cloud leader. Rackspace and Canonical are excited to announce that Rackspace is joining the Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud (CPC) program.

When you use Ubuntu images distributed by our Certified Public Cloud Partners, you know that Ubuntu will work as designed. The Ubuntu experts here at Canonical will be supporting Rackspace, as a CPC partner, to help ensure they are regularly provided with the latest images – built, patched, and maintained regularly. Rackspace, of course, will continue to provide Fanatical Support® directly to its customers.

Rackspace and CPC isn’t just about support, though. It’s about doing our best to provide our joint end users the best cloud experience possible. The reason our customers choose to run Ubuntu is to get things done, quickly, easily and without worry. The less time they spend thinking about and maintaining the platform they’re running on, and the more time they can spend on their core business or mission, the happier we are.

Rackspace and Ubuntu bring you:

  • A true end-to-end “best of Ubuntu” approach: stable, up-to-date and secure images delivered frequently to Rackspace, and to complement that, support for the end user, to make sure you get the most out of your VMs.
  • Ubuntu is now supported across all Rackspace platforms – so you can connect public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated hardware to create the best fit for your specific needs.
  • The co-founder of OpenStack is joining hands with the most popular OS for OpenStack deployments.
  • Now, 10 of 15 Gartner Magic Quadrant clouds (as well as many other awesome providers!) are Ubuntu Certified — expect that number to rise.
We plan to continue working with  Rackspace to bring additional features to our clients. Get going now at Juju

Ubuntu cloud

Ubuntu offers all the training, software infrastructure, tools, services and support you need for your public and private clouds.

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