Paper cuts need you!


on 19 November 2010

You won’t be surprised to hear that I am on the Papercutters team and, in that capacity, was on the receiving end of an email from Vish who points out a couple of things:

1) Only a handful of members in the Papercutters team are active on the project.
2) For a project to live we need as many people as possible contributing on a fairly regular basis.

If you are new to the area (well, this corner of cyberspace at least) you may not know about the Paper Cuts project. It is an initiative to identify and fix small bugs that impact on the user experience of Ubuntu and the applications that run on Ubuntu.

The Paper Cuts projects needs active participation from as many people as possible, there are many ways to get involved and there is something for you to do whether it is creating an icon, writing a patch, passing the patch through to an upstream, changing the description of an application for the Software Centre, triaging and identifying the Paper Cut bugs or simply cheering everyone along!

If you used to be active but aren’t any more Vish has some questions for you too:

1) Are you having any difficulties working on the project recently , have there been any changes in the process which have made it harder to contribute?

2) Are you finding any part of the process difficult or are you having trouble getting started or understanding the process?

He also has the following request:

We will be starting the Natty papercut cycle soon, do let me or any of the other active members know about the difficulties and if there are any changes to be made to the project which would make it easier for you to contribute to the project?

As a member of the team do take some time every often or so to take a look at the project and to review atleast one bug or item. Each bug every member handles will reduce the workload for everyone in the team.
This is a community project and if the project is to sustain for a long time we need you to pitch in.

The impact of the Paper Cuts projects has grown with every cycle. To date there have been 295 Paper Cuts fixed. From descriptions of apps in the Software Centre to the wrong album art appearing in a Rythmbox notification and eog not asking to save changes there have been lots of small fixes that smooth the way for the users of Ubuntu and a host of applications.

This wiki page tells you what you need to do to get involved.

Please get involved, get active and let’s help Vish, Sense and all the Papercutters make this a Paper Cuts cycle to remember!

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