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MWC17: The future of industrial IoT

Maarten Ectors

on 23 February 2017

This article was last updated 4 years ago.

The internet of things, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, big data, robots/drones, blockchain, industry 4.0 and other hype terms are popping up everywhere. Our partners will be showcasing real industrial solutions that go far beyond the hype and are based on these cutting edge technologies.

How to tell industrial IoT reality apart from hype?

Here are three simple questions you should ask when you visit Mobile World Congress next week:

  1. How do you secure IoT?
  2. How can I manage large IoT deployments?
  3. How can I monetize IoT?

At the Ubuntu booth you will find answers to those three key questions.

How does Canonical secure IoT?

Unlike most commercial solutions, Ubuntu’s IoT solution is open source and can be freely downloaded. More eyes are looking at the code, hence more bugs get discovered and fixed. We don’t make you pay to get security updates to the operating system. They are included. Additionally we make sure third-party software is securely contained and can be easily patched. Ubuntu is being used by the biggest brands in the world and every day withstands many of the most complex attacks in the world.

How can I easily manage large IoT deployments?

Ubuntu Core comes with transactional rollbacks so if you make a mistake, you can just rollback. You can easily add automated testing and perform DevOps for Devices in which security and other updates can be distributed to millions of devices in a fully automated repeatable and fully tested fashion.

How can I monetize IoT?

We are offering the easiest way to monetize IoT and our partners will be showing the solution during MWC: run your own app store for any type of connected devices. You decide which apps you want to resell and if your store is open to anybody or by invitation only. Our large ecosystem of apps mean you don’t have to start from zero.

App Stores on Industrial Connected Devices

The future of the industrial IoT is running your own app store or buying apps from somebody’s app store. App Stores for industrial connected devices are a great way to go from idea to new revenues, easier management or other cost lowering solutions. Try a new solution in minutes. No need for complex RFPs and proof of concepts. Our partners are showcasing their app and app store enabled solutions.

Azeti and Automated Asset Management

Azeti will showcase why cell towers need an IoT edge gateway to automatically manage your valuable assets. Any problem with the air conditioning, doors, energy usage and more can be detected and many can be automatically solved. A theft attempt can be in many cases deterred.

DataArt and Smart Elevator App Stores

The most advanced artificial intelligence demo on the booth is around elevators. Use your voice to control an elevator. Get unexpected useful information as a plus. But what happens if an intruder uses the elevator? The elevator will automatically detect the danger and lock them in until help is available. The same hardware can be easily retrained to also look for people with health problems or suggest the floor you should go by detecting who you are. DataArt is showing the future of industrial control via the next generation of programmable logic controllers, called app logic controllers or ALCs. Kunbus and UniPi are providing the hardware.

Cloudplugs and Building and Industrial Automation

Any building and industrial plant has programmable logic controllers. They are the key to understanding what is happening. Cloudplugs edge IoT solution shows how you can easily integrate with many existing industrial control systems. With the help of UniPi and Kunbus they will also show the future of industrial control systems with ALCs. Creating on the fly beautiful touch enabled user interfaces for the smart building and plant of the future.

IBM and the future of edge computing

IBM’s Blue Horizon leaves anybody amazed. Smart contracts, software defined radio, edge computing and big data get combined in a distributed peer-to-peer network that shows the future of industrial cloud solutions that can collect and sell data autonomously.

Skyfield and revenue generating fountains for smart cities

Why should cities invest in smart city solutions? Many have a so-so answer about cost savings and happier citizens. What if the solution is as simple as converting cost centres like fountains into revenue generating opportunities. Name one city that does not want to increase its revenues?

Fairwaves & Lime Micro and software defined radios on the edge

Industrial communication is often still done via wires. This is expensive and slow to make changes. A new trend of wireless industrial communication is starting to shape now. NB-IoT and LTE-M are commercial spectrum versions of low-power wide area networks. Via open source IoT base stations and software defined radios with app stores these and other protocols can be easily supported with an app. Selling spectrum as a service for industrial use cases has enormous business potential. Fairwaves is showing how small software defined radios can fit into small gateways and redefine wireless communications in minutes.

Pycom will be showing the future of narrow-band WAN

Arisen from the ashes of Kickstarter, Pycom is now the crowdfunding king around multi-network narrow-band low-power wide area networks. In an era where makers become the next enterprise and industrial giants and enterprise developers rule the roost, be sure to see how Pycom’s powerful yet inexpensive MicroPython programmable boards can support WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, Sigfox, LTE-M and NB-IoT. Challenge a friend to “Shake IoT”.

Dell’s IoT Edge Gateways

Dell will be showcasing their IoT Edge Gateways. Via apps any sensor, actuator, edge analytics, protocol convertor, cloud integration and whatever other industrial solution can be deployed in minutes. Any industrial customer can solve any use case by just downloading apps from an Industrial App Store.

Daqri’s Augmented Reality Industrial Helmets

We all have seen virtual reality goggles but few have seen augmented reality for industrial purposes. Come and try on the Daqri helmet and experience yourself the new world of industrial augmented reality.

App Stores on Robots

For a look peek into the future of industrial robotics, two leading robotics companies Pal Robotics and Robotis will be demonstrating how app stores for robots can be to easily reconfigure robots, cutting maintenance time and reducing the risks of error.

Supporting industrial solutions

Running production systems means offering complex support, workforce management and billing integrations. RevTwo will be showcasing their next-generation solution for app store enabled devices. Salesforce will show you how easy it is to connect your devices to your Industrial IoT workforce, creating a whole new experience for your customers. Iota will show the future of distributed billing integration based on open source next-generation blockchain technology.

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