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June 2016: big software, new releases, and a CIO’s guide to telco

This article was last updated 8 years ago.

Welcome to our brand new monthly blog! This month, learn about the industry trend toward Big Software, highlights of the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS release, and our latest eBook – “CIO’s guide to SDN, NFV and VNF”. Be sure to check out our roundup of Industry news!

Mark Shuttleworth: Big Software is THE biggest problem facing CIOs today

Every CIO is tackling the challenge of building and maintaining complex microservices-based solutions in the cloud. But the costs of managing such ‘Big Software’ using traditional thinking, resourcing models and legacy tools erodes competitive economics and often leads to failure.

Find out how Canonical is working with Robert Schwegler, Vice President & Chief Architect Infrastructure Cloud at Deutsche Telekom AG to solve the real world challenges that Big Software presents using tools with operational intelligence built in.

Canonical’s award-winning model-driven operations system Juju enables reusable, open source operations across hybrid cloud and physical infrastructure. Integration and operations are encoded in “charms” by vendors and the community of experts familiar with an app. These charms are reused by ops teams as standardised operations code that evolves along with the software itself.

Watch Mark Shuttleworth’s OpenStack Summit, Austin keynote for details and analysis of identifying and solving the big issue of Big Software; and don’t forget to watch our other Track Day videos to learn about containers, storage, and our cloud tools. You can also learn more about the vendors that embrace juju model-driven operations by joining Canonical’s Charm Partner Programme

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Released

The latest version of Ubuntu Server is the best private cloud platform available today. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is the only production-ready Linux distribution that brings you the latest version of OpenStack – Mitaka.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS also includes the only OpenStack solution that can be natively deployed to containers and natively deploy container instances as workloads. Exclusive to Ubuntu is support for ZFS, which improves deployment time of containers and reduces their storage requirements by up to 80% with built-in copy-on-write and deduplication technology. Watch the release webinar on-demand to see what’s new.

For increased choice in private cloud adoption, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is now supported across all x86-64 compatible architectures, as well as IBM LinuxONE/z, Power, OpenPower and ARM64. For more information on how Ubuntu and LinuxONE offer a better platform together, read the IDC analyst report from industry analyst Al Gillen.

eBook: CIO’s guide to SDN, NFV and VNF

Our latest eBook “CIO’s guide to SDN, NFV and VNF” discusses the differences in SDN & NFV approaches and how telcos and media clouds can benefit, economically, and technically, from these modern networking approaches.

If you’re new to software based networking, or just unclear on the differences in all the latest concepts, this eBook is an essential read.

Download the eBook

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