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Introducing Canonical’s new open source support portal

Ilenia Zara

on 11 December 2023

A streamlined gateway for open source support

Amplifying the global impact of open source is at the heart of Canonical’s mission. Support is a crucial part of this exciting journey, especially when it comes to helping enterprises, institutions and communities around the world solve real-world problems through their IT infrastructure and applications. Working with thousands of global customers in a variety of use cases, our support team delivers fixes on everything open source, both Canonical-maintained projects and others. We then make those fixes available to everyone in upstream repositories.

The support portal is the gateway for our customers to access our support service, including our ticketing system and the Knowledge Base. 

We have been listening to our customers’ feedback and are excited to announce the release of a brand-new support portal, designed to streamline your support experience.

In this post, we will briefly go through the new features we made available for our customers starting today, and offer a sneak peek into what you can expect by subscribing to our support service.

What’s new

Easily access everything you need from support in one place through your new dashboard. 

  • Enhanced accessibility: Quickly access the most relevant Knowledge Base articles by topic and easily search for already existing solutions for your queries.
  • Effortless case management: Keep control of your cases with clear statistics. Review all your tickets, or quickly filter for the ones that are most relevant to you, like tickets open, closed and awaiting your input.
  • Seamless integration: Get an overview of your entitlements without the need to move to your Ubuntu Pro dashboard.

Coming soon

While we are glad to share this big milestone with you, this is just the first step towards our goal of providing the best support service for everything open source. In 2024, we’ll be focusing on delivering a range of exciting updates:

  • Improved comments: As many of you requested, we will enhance the case comments capabilities, allowing longer text and more formatting options.
  • Knowledge Base recommendations: To anticipate your needs, we will be suggesting Knowledge Base articles based on your actual requests. 
  • Email to case: We will enable you to interact with our support team without even logging into the support portal, by just replying to the related email in your inbox.

We hope you enjoy the improvements we’ve made so far. As said, this is just the first step in a longer-term journey to elevate your support experience.

Your feedback has been instrumental in driving our efforts, and we encourage you to continue sharing your insights and be an integral part of this change.

Thanks for helping us in shaping the best support experience for you. 

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