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Guadec Day 1

This week I am at Guadec in Den Haag. For those less familiar with working on open-source projects Guadec is the annual gathering of developers, users and businesses primarily focused on GNOME. GNOME, for those of you who don’t know is the core desktop element of Ubuntu.

Explanations for the uninitiated now delivered, I will proceed with my news!

It all starts at breakfast, of course. Introductions to Andreas Proschofsky, Daniel Siegel of Cheese fame and hellos with lots of familiar faces.

I attended the Design Thinking workshop which was very well executed and I hereby declare my full intention to steal the Lego intros exercise.

The UX Advocates BOF session was an opportunity to talk more widely and it certainly highlights that there are quite a few real problems to overcome. I shall be very interested to see how the Shotwell UX Advocate experiment goes and look forward to using it to help us shape the initiative. I have committed to offering some mentoring to would-be UX Advocates and look forward to Allan Day telling me what my next duties are!

Good HIG session, lots to do! I know that our very own mpt can’t wait to get going.

The highlight of my day? A very Eurpoean kiss on both cheeks from the ever-charming Bastien Nocera.

Now for an evening of eating, drinking and solving problems. Toodle-pip!

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