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Colour management

I've been looking for a local store which offers a colour sprectromitor and chanced upon the spyder3. I have to say that it is a total let-down. It doesn't work on Linux to begin with. I feared this going in but the gracious return policy at the store allows me to buy things and simply return them within two weeks without any reason - my standard answer is "It doesn't work with linux". They smile and give me my money back - great store, they get a large part of my earnings :-)

In the case of the spyder3, it didn't even work with windows, really. No more whites, everything is blue, the colour profile it creates is horrible. I tried it with daylight, incandescent, etc and to be honest I can do much better with my eye. Definitely returning it when I get back from my trip to London and the Libre Graphics Meeting. Crap in a box for 99€ if you ask me.

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