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Certivox joins the Charm Partner Programme

This article was last updated 7 years ago.

Canonical is excited to announce that Certivox has joined the Charm Partner Programme.  Canonical’s Charm Partner Programme helps solution providers make best use of Canonical’s universal service modeling tool, Juju; enabling instant workload deployment, integration, and scaling on virtually any public or private cloud, as well as bare metal, at the click of a button. The Juju Charm Store has over 300 cloud based applications ready for use.

CertiVox delivers a certificate-less next generation key management service called the Distributed Trust Authority, which fixes the fundamental design flaws that affect public key infrastructures. It’s secure and scalable for the Internet of Things.

The M-Pin Strong Authentication Platform provides a drop-in replacement for password-based authentication that is applicable to any online system or service. M-Pin eliminates the threat of password database breaches entirely, while providing a better user authentication experience since it can accept a low entropy pin or passphrase for authentication and still be secure, and do this all in software, so it’s both browser and mobile app ready.   M-Pin also delivers two-factor authentication ‘out-of-the-box’, and can be extended to n factors, such as biometric information. Both M-Pin clients and servers are open source.

“Juju Charms are a powerful and flexible way of deploying solutions across a range of public and private clouds. Our distributed cryptography based authentication technology will enable Charm Store users to quickly and easily deploy increased security into their cloud solutions. We’re excited about the possibilities and are very pleased to be part of the programme,” said Patrick Hilt, CTO at Certivox.

“Security on the web and on mobile platforms is a major concern in today’s computing world.  The  addition of Certivox to our Juju Charm Store will offer our users the ability to eliminate security database breaches, while providing a better user experience.  We are thrilled to have them on board.“ said Stefan Johansson, Global Software Alliances Director at Canonical.

To learn more about Canonical’s partner programmes, including the Charm Partner Programme, please visit

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