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Join us for Canonical’s 2015 OpenStack Roadshow


on 19 February 2015

This article was last updated 4 years ago.

Join Canonical for “OpenStack In Action”

See the world’s most popular Openstack implementation in action, gain insights from the world’s largest OpenStack deployments in telco, finance, media and government environments, meet the architects of Canonical’s OpenStack strategy, and exchange views on requirements for enterprise private clouds.


The Asian events

NEW!   Singapore – Tuesday 5th May

NEW!   Hong Kong – Wednesday 6th May

NEW!   Taipei – Thursday 7th May 

NEW!   Seoul – Friday 8th May 

NEW!   Tokyo – Tuesday 12th May 

About Canonical’s 2015 OpenStack Roadshow

Canonical’s Ubuntu is by far the most widely used platform for OpenStack deployment, with 60% of all production deployments and 80% of large scale “super-user” deployments. Customers include blue-chip references in telecommunications, finance, media and government sectors. Canonical offers a unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of OpenStack in enterprise environments, together with training and tools for teams setting out to build OpenStack clouds large and small. During this global roadshow, Mark Shuttleworth and senior leaders of Canonical’s OpenStack strategy will present their roadmap and exchange views with cloud architects and executive sponsors for private cloud initiatives across the global enterprise landscape. The tour included events in North and South America and Europe and will now be visiting Asia and is open by invitation to those shaping private cloud strategies in select companies. Join us if building a private cloud on OpenStack is a goal for your organisation. Topics will include:

  • Software-defined network (SDN) evaluation strategies
  • Use of OpenStack for Network Function Virtualization and other telco use cases
  • Security considerations for banking and other regulated industries
  • Scale-out storage options like Ceph and Lustre
  • Integration with existing infrastructure such as SANs and VMware
  • The intersection of industrial HPC and Openstack
  • Hyperdense hosting with KVM virtual machines and LXD system containers
  • Docker for devops – the fastest-growing development trend, largely on Ubuntu

The adoption of true private clouds as opposed to traditional server virtualisation is usually part of a larger strategy, with key considerations being:

  • Hybrid cloud access – the ability to choose public or private options on demand
  • DevOps – faster development cycles better attuned to scale-out elastic computing
  • SAAS integration
  • Software-defined data centres
  • Commodity computing and the recrafting of availability and resiliency game plans

Join us in a city near you for three hours of discussions and networking with executives and technologists preparing to adopt OpenStack.

Ubuntu cloud

Ubuntu offers all the training, software infrastructure, tools, services and support you need for your public and private clouds.

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