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Canonical welcomes Joyent to its Certified Public Cloud Programme

Mark Baker

on 20 February 2014

This article was last updated 8 years ago.

Launching applications and workloads in the cloud should be a seamless experience, so today we announced a partnership with Joyent to bring optimised and fully supported Ubuntu server images to users of Joyent’s cloud platform. Ubuntu is the most popular guest OS in the cloud and combined with Joyent’s High Performance platform developers and enterprises can be assured that they will have the best possible Ubuntu experience with the backing and support of both companies.

Joyent specialises as a platform for ecommerce, mobile, gaming applications and big data analytics for many of today’s fastest growing companies. Joyent is also the company behind Node.js, an open source, scalable platform for building real-time applications across distributed devices. Joyent’s SmartOS based cloud architecture provides a high performance, stable and secure foundation for its services, but developers wanted access to a Linux solution and in particular Ubuntu for its robust ecosystem of tools and applications, familiarity with their existing IT environments and rapid iteration of new releases matching the speed and pace of cloud development.

As part of the Certified Public Cloud programme, Canonical and Joyent worked together to optimise Ubuntu performance and take advantage of customisation and configuration enhancements in Joyent’s platform, letting users deploy secure and highly performant workloads. Certified images from Canonical ensure that no matter where they are deployed – in a private or public cloud – workloads have consistent and scalable performance and are fully supportable expanding development and deployment choices. It’s easy to migrate workloads and applications across different deployment scenarios without becoming locked in to a single one as business needs and strategy change.

In addition to certified images, Canonical and Joyent are collaborating to enable the development and deployment of scale out applications based on Node.js. Joyent will take the lead in developing and maintaining a Node.js charm, which will foster greater community participation and quality of charms that leverage this dynamic and fast growing programming platform. In combination with Juju, Canonical’s open source cloud orchestration solution, users can deploy charms to any public cloud that supports Juju as well as to OpenStack and bare metal environments. Workloads can be rapidly spun up and down and migrated across supported platforms without any rearchitecting – fully realising the speed and flexibility benefits of the cloud.

We’re happy to welcome Joyent to the fast growing group of Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud providers and encourage you to try out Ubuntu on Joyent Cloud at


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