Canonical Cloud Chatter: October 2015

James Donner

on 6 November 2015

We had a very busy month, with the new release of Ubuntu 15.10 and the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo. We are proud to announce that the OpenStack Foundation survey results show that Ubuntu runs 65% of large OpenStack clouds. Meanwhile, we are preparing for a new webinar, have a brand new Big Data eBook, updates about Juju and many events coming up.

Read all about what’s new and exciting!

Webinar: Pure-container OpenStack

In this webinar, watch a live demonstration of running real workloads on OpenStack in containers and KVM, to compare performance. Join us to learn how to deploy pure-container OpenStack for yourself.

When: Nov 12 2015 5:00 pm GMT/12PM EST

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eBook: Big Data Explained, Analysed, Solved

Download our free eBook to get a comprehensive overview of big data and its growing importance. Learn about different kinds of big data and some of the things you can do with it. Download it here!

OpenStack Summit Tokyo

This year saw two very well-attended OpenStack Summits, with announcements covering all aspects of the OpenStack project. Canonical’s social event at the Happo-En Gardens was very successful, bringing industry colleagues together before the Summit commencement. Our announcements, including that networking vendors are using ‘snappy’ Ubuntu Core as a neutral platform in their open switches, the GA of OpenStack Autopilot and the availability of Ubuntu OpenStack with Nova-LXD were received with great interest and enthusiasm by the community.

Video: OpenStack for Everyone

Mark Shuttleworth’s opening address, at OpenStack Summit Tokyo, covers large-scale OpenStack deployments, Autopilot, container technologies, rack switches and the revenue-driving benefits of Juju.

Ubuntu 15.10 has arrived!

This month we released Ubuntu 15.10, codenamed Wily Werewolf, with a host of new features for clouds and servers. At Canonical, we see 15.10 as being all about OpenStack Autopilot. And LXD machine containers. However there are a number of other new features that are important too. Read more to find out what’s new.

Juju: Charming with layers

Charming with layers is a relatively new approach to writing charms that the Juju community are beginning to use. Learn what the different types of charm layers are, what belongs in them, and how they can be used to make writing charms a much more pleasant experience. Learn how to charm with layers here.

Partner Ecosystem Highlights

Azure HDInsight continues to validate Ubuntu’s cloud leadership. Microsoft announced that their Hadoop-based big data service offering, HDInsight, will run on Ubuntu and Hortonworks. In addition, Ubuntu supports the latest IBM Power Systems LC models for big data. IBM has extended its range of Ubuntu supported systems with its announcement of the Power Systems LC models. Midokura has announced the integration of its Network Virtualization Technology with Ubuntu. During October, the Charm Partner Programme welcomed APIDaze, who enable on demand communication services by providing developers with an API to build telecom and web applications; Quobyte, whose data center file system turns servers into a unified high ­performance storage infrastructure; and Inlab Networks, who will be charming BalanceNG, a modern, multithreading software load balancer and dynamic application delivery controller.

Upcoming Events

NyC IoT Event for Enterprise Developers- We will be demonstrating industrial preventive maintenance and home IoT scenarios, that can be prototyped, scaled, and deployed – together with DataArt and Microsoft. Get more information here!

Enterprise Solutions & Easy Deployment Can Go Together- Join us at this webcast, with MariaDB and IBM, to learn how you can deploy enterprise solutions with MariaDB, in record time. Get more information including the registration link here!

OPNFV- We will be exhibiting at OPNFV Summit, between the 9th – 12th November. On Wednesday 11th November, John Zannos, our VP of Cloud Alliances will be running a 50min panel discussion on “NFV Becoming a Reality – what’s ready – what’s easy?”. Join us at OPNFV Summit

We will also have presence at TAD summit and Carrier Network Virtualisation, join us to see live demos of our cloud tools and solutions.

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