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Tim McNamara

Developer Advocate

Tim is a developer advocate with Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu operating system. He is a member of the Juju core team and enjoys sharing how to decrease operational complexity with the world. He has past experience leading big data software projects for a New Zealand data sciecnce consultancy and leading outreach a supercomputing centre. He has also founded multiple startups and had several years in the public sector. He's the author of upcoming book, Rust in Action, published by Manning Publications. He describes Rust as the language that enables Haskell and Java programmers to get along.

4 posts by Tim McNamara

Cloud and server
Cloud and server

Data Ops at petabyte scale

by Tim McNamara on 8 January 2020

Should you deploy Apache Spark to Kubernetes? Learn how model-driven operations have enabled one data engineering team to evaluate several options and come to...