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6 posts by nickbarcet

Cloud and server

To prepare for the hybrid future, try OpenStack now

by nickbarcet on 12 December 2012

Nigel Beighton, International VP of Technology, Rackspace Cloud computing is changing everything we know. Immense mathematical problems like the sequencing of...

Cloud and server

Cloud computing primer

by nickbarcet on 26 September 2012

Our ebook is about making the cloud as straight forward as possible. If you want to reap the benefits of the open cloud but don’t know exactly where to start...


HPCloud to go in public beta with OpenStack on Ubuntu

by nickbarcet on 13 April 2012

Six month after starting a private beta for HPCloud, HP has announced this week that their cloud is ready to start scaling up to a public beta next month....


Official Ubuntu Cloud Guest from Canonical Now Available on Amazon EC2

by nickbarcet on 14 March 2012

We’re pleased to announce that official Ubuntu Cloud Guest Images are now listed on the Amazon EC2 quick start. Users can now find and launch official Ubuntu...


Dell releases OpenManage 6.4 for Ubuntu

by nickbarcet on 3 February 2011

In the spring of 2010, members of the Ubuntu development team worked with Dell to build and test OpenManage 6.3 for Ubuntu. Several of our engineers took...


Canonical joins the OpenStack community

by nickbarcet on 3 February 2011

OpenStack today have made a number of announcements about the Bexar release of their cloud stack and we were delighted to be able to confirm its inclusion in...