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Conjure-up is magic!

by Brent Clements on 26 August 2016

There are few things that really get me excited when it comes to technology. But those that do can be classified as follows: Technology that makes my life easier Technology that makes my job easier Anything …

Cloud and server

What is and Why Micro-Segmentation for multi-tenant big software?

by Brent Clements on 26 July 2016

Working with enterprises particularly those in health, financial services and government sectors who are required to be serious about security and who need to meet regulatory compliance requirements, micro-segmentation has emerged as a hot security topic. …

Cloud and server

How Canonical Battles Zero-Day​ Threats

by Brent Clements on 14 July 2016

I work for Canonical as a Consulting Architect. Every design I put together I try to secure as best as possible. One reason I came to Canonical was because of the way we handle security updates …