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24 posts from August 2023

Get familiar with “Rusty” kernel programming in Ubuntu Lunar Lobster

By arighi, 31 August 2023

The Linux kernel has recently introduced the Rust programming language as an alternative to C for creating kernel modules. Rust is a strongly, statically...

Meet Canonical and at Open Source Summit Europe 2023

By Michelle Anne Tabirao, 31 August 2023

We are excited to celebrate all things open source at the upcoming Open Source Summit Europe 2023 in the beautiful city of Bilbao, Spain. The event will take...

LLMs explained: how to build your own private ChatGPT

By Andreea Munteanu, 30 August 2023

Large language models (LLMs) are the topic of the year. They are as complex as they are exciting, and everyone can agree they put artificial intelligence in...

Closing the Gap: Ubuntu Pro in the AWS Shared Responsibility Model

By Carlos Bravo, 29 August 2023

Explore Ubuntu Pro’s role in the AWS Shared Responsibility Model plus walk through a real-world example to install your own Mastodon server on Ubuntu Pro...

How New Mexico State University accelerates compliant federal research with Ubuntu

By Oliver Smith, 29 August 2023

New federal compliance rules meant that NMSU Physical Science Laboratory needed a new operating system. Learn more about why they chose Ubuntu.

Telecom security: How to safeguard your open source telco infrastructure

By Serdar Vural, 28 August 2023

From pure voice to data, and now with the connectivity provided to devices and machines, telco systems make it possible to deliver digital services to...

Ubuntu Desktop: charting a course for the future

By Oliver Smith, 25 August 2023

In this post we share our values and vision for Ubuntu Desktop, and how this framework can help structure and support our collaboration with the community.

Machine learning in finance: history, technologies and outlook

By Kris Sharma, 23 August 2023

In its analysis of over 1,400 use cases from “Eye on Innovation” in Financial Services Awards, Gartner found that machine learning (ML) is the top technology...

What is a hypervisor? A beginner’s guide

By Tytus Kurek, 21 August 2023

In the realm of virtualisation and cloud computing, the hypervisor is a critical component that enables the seamless operation of multiple virtual machines...

How to secure your database

By Mohamed Wadie Nsiri, 18 August 2023

Cybersecurity threats are increasing in volume, complexity and impact. Yet, organisations struggle to counter these growing threats. Cyber attacks often...

Ubuntu in education: A K-12 IT Director’s experience

By Aaron Prisk, 17 August 2023

Former IT Director and Systems Administrator Aaron Prisk shares his experiences migrating a Pennsylvanian school district to Ubuntu.

Canonical Kubernetes 1.28 is now generally available

By Yalton Ruiz, 16 August 2023

Canonical Kubernetes 1.28 GA. Charm Kubernetes 1.28MicroK8s 1.28Kubernetes upstream 1.28

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