200 posts from 2014

Rapid Ubuntu image deployment – getting up and running in record time

By Udi Nachmany, 24 October 2014

The Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud (CPC) programme is about providing the best possible user and developer experience on Ubuntu through our public cloud partners. Canonical continually maintains, tests and updates the Ubuntu images that are quickly …

Ten years of Ubuntu

By Jane Silber, 23 October 2014

Today marks 10 years of Ubuntu and the release of the 21st version. That is an incredible milestone and one which is worthy of reflection and celebration. I am fortunate enough to be spending the day …

What’s new in Ubuntu 14.10 for cloud and servers?

By Canonical, 23 October 2014

Today we release Ubuntu 14.10, aka ‘Utopic Unicorn’, for cloud and servers. As always, we recommend that enterprise customers stay on the latest LTS release, in this case 14.04. However, this release is packed full of …

Ubuntu 14.10 desktop: security for global users

By Canonical, 23 October 2014

Ubuntu 14.10 desktop delivers latest applications and developer support Over 30 million computers preinstalled with Ubuntu have shipped globally in two years and OEM sales of Ubuntu machines are growing in EMEA and South East Asia, …

Ubuntu 14.10 delivers leading scale-out cloud technology

By Canonical, 23 October 2014

Ubuntu 14.10 for cloud and servers is available for download; includes industry-leading, secure bare-metal LXC containers, multi-OS provisioning, and solutions for OpenStack, big data and Cloud Foundry as well as Docker 1.2 Scale-out orchestration of Windows …

Charm Workshop: Charm Testing

By Jorge O. Castro, 18 October 2014

What is bundle tester? How to set up and run, how to write tests, and how Canonical automates the running of these tests for you.

Getting Started with Juju

By Jorge O. Castro, 17 October 2014

In this session we go over what Juju is, and how to get started using it.

Deploying workloads on IBM POWER8 Systems

By Jorge O. Castro, 17 October 2014

In this demo we show how you can use Juju to deploy workloads onto IBM POWER8 systems.

What is Juju? (Introduction video)

By Jorge O. Castro, 17 October 2014

This is a basic introductory video explaining what Juju is and how it can help you deploy workloads to the cloud.

Automating Orchestration in the Cloud with Ubuntu Juju

By Jorge O. Castro, 17 October 2014

Charles Butler explains how to automate orchestration with Juju during this talk at the 2014 USENIX Configuration Management Summit.

Using the Local (LXC) Provider with Juju

By Jorge O. Castro, 17 October 2014

Juju has the ability to leverage Linux containers (LXC) to deploy charms locally to your desktop/laptop. This lets you iterate quickly during development in a manner similar to a real cloud.

Using and creating Juju Charm Bundles

By Jorge O. Castro, 17 October 2014

A “bundle” is a set of Juju charms that come together as one file. It makes it easier for people to deploy complex sets of services in one go.