Allow me to introduce myself…

My name’s Inayaili (most people call me either Yaili or Lily though) and I’m the new web designer in the Canonical’s design team — just started last Tuesday.

It was a busy and exciting week: lots of meetings to become familiar with the company and with everyone working here in the Millbank headquarters, and, of course, there was the dConstruct conference, in Brighton on Friday, which I had the pleasure to attend once again. (Watch out for my next post!)

A little bit about me: I’m Portuguese, I live in London, and I do web design and HTML and CSS. I also enjoy writing about those subjects and about the work that I do, so hopefully I’ll be able to set time aside as often as possible to write here on the design blog.

I’m really excited about working at Canonical: the team is formed by unbelievably clever people, driven and committed to making any project that they’re working on the best possible.

And who wouldn’t be happy about working with a view like this one, right?

The view from the kitchen

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