Alliance Technology Group and Canonical bring Ubuntu OpenStack to telco and enterprise customers


on 20 February 2015

Partnership will deliver OpenStack cloud solutions, and training based on the world’s most popular cloud operating system, Ubuntu.

Hanover, MD – February 17, 2015 — Alliance Technology Group, a national solutions integrator that delivers scalable cost-effective infrastructure solutions to telecom and enterprise customers, has announced it is partnering with Canonical to deliver Ubuntu based OpenStack clouds, solutions, and training. Alliance will offer fully managed on premise or off-premise clouds, leveraging Canonicals BootStack program, delivering the best OpenStack experience in the easiest possible way. BootStack builds and operates Ubuntu OpenStack clouds with Canonical’s orchestration, provisioning and management tools: MAAS, Juju and Landscape.

Organisations are facing significant challenges with fast-growing data demands, competitive pressures, greater complexity, rising costs, along with compliance and flexibility issues. By adding Canonicals product and service offerings to its portfolio, Alliance Technology Group is providing customers with new ways to overcome the many challenges they face while greatly simplifying the complexity of deploying, managing and scaling services from the desktop to the data centre.

“Canonical, from its best-in-class tools to their overall vision and culture is the perfect partner for us. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best software solutions possible, while encouraging open architectures, choice and flexibility, so partnering with Canonical was an extremely easy decision,” said Chris Williams, VP of the OpenStack Group at Alliance Technology Group. “We’ve invested heavily in the OpenStack community and understand the advantages that BootStack, Ubuntu, Juju, MAAS, and Landscape bring businesses. This partnership allows us to take a progressive approach that helps our customers tackle how to best enable their organisation to innovate quickly, while reducing cost and complexity.”

“Canonical is pleased to announce an expansion of Alliance Technology Group’s participation as an Ubuntu Cloud and Training Partner. The Alliance Technology Group and Canonical will be providing customers with tested, qualified OpenStack cloud solutions,” said John Zannos, VP of Cloud Alliances and Channels at Canonical. “We view the Alliance Technology Group as a critical partner to help bring Ubuntu, OpenStack, Bootstack and Juju to their customer base. Alliance Technology Group and Canonical are working together to develop the right solutions for customers for cloud and scale out production environments.”

Alliance and Canonical will be delivering their first joint public training classes for Ubuntu OpenStack in Baltimore MD on April 21st through 23, and in Vancouver, BC on May 13 – 15. Additional offerings under development will include intermediate and advanced level OpenStack training, along with popular analytic and cloud tools focused courses. Information and registration for the upcoming classes can be found online here.

About Alliance Technology Group

Alliance Technology Group, a national solutions integrator, partners with Fortune 500 and government organizations to deliver best in class security, cloud, and infrastructure solutions. Alliance Technology builds and delivers solutions that transform technology infrastructure and Open Source innovation into flexible, secure, and reliable solutions.  From the desktop to the cloud, we make IT easy.

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