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USN-923-1: OpenJDK vulnerabilities

7 April 2010

OpenJDK vulnerabilities




Marsh Ray and Steve Dispensa discovered a flaw in the TLS and SSLv3
protocols. If an attacker could perform a machine-in-the-middle attack at the
start of a TLS connection, the attacker could inject arbitrary content
at the beginning of the user's session. (CVE-2009-3555)

It was discovered that Loader-constraint table, Policy/PolicyFile,
Inflater/Deflater, drag/drop access, and deserialization did not correctly
handle certain sensitive objects. If a user were tricked into running a
specially crafted applet, private information could be leaked to a remote
attacker, leading to a loss of privacy. (CVE-2010-0082, CVE-2010-0084,
CVE-2010-0085, CVE-2010-0088, CVE-2010-0091, CVE-2010-0094)

It was discovered that AtomicReferenceArray, System.arraycopy,
InetAddress, and HashAttributeSet did not correctly handle certain
situations. If a remote attacker could trigger specific error conditions,
a Java application could crash, leading to a denial of service.
(CVE-2010-0092, CVE-2010-0093, CVE-2010-0095, CVE-2010-0845)

It was discovered that Pack200, CMM readMabCurveData, ImagingLib, and
the AWT library did not correctly check buffer lengths. If a user or
automated system were tricked into handling specially crafted JAR files or
images, a remote attacker could crash the Java application or possibly
gain user privileges (CVE-2010-0837, CVE-2010-0838, CVE-2010-0847,

It was discovered that applets did not correctly handle certain trust
chains. If a user were tricked into running a specially crafted applet,
a remote attacker could possibly run untrusted code with user privileges.

Update instructions

The problem can be corrected by updating your system to the following package versions:

Ubuntu 9.10
Ubuntu 9.04
Ubuntu 8.10
Ubuntu 8.04

After a standard system upgrade you need to restart all Java applications
to effect the necessary changes.

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