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USN-2511-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities

26 February 2015

Several security issues were fixed in the kernel.




A race condition was discovered in the Linux kernel's key ring. A local
user could cause a denial of service (memory corruption or panic) or
possibly have unspecified impact via the keyctl commands. (CVE-2014-9529)

A memory leak was discovered in the ISO 9660 CDROM file system when parsing
rock ridge ER records. A local user could exploit this flaw to obtain
sensitive information from kernel memory via a crafted iso9660 image.

Update instructions

The problem can be corrected by updating your system to the following package versions:

Ubuntu 10.04

After a standard system update you need to reboot your computer to make
all the necessary changes.

ATTENTION: Due to an unavoidable ABI change the kernel updates have
been given a new version number, which requires you to recompile and
reinstall all third party kernel modules you might have installed. If
you use linux-restricted-modules, you have to update that package as
well to get modules which work with the new kernel version. Unless you
manually uninstalled the standard kernel metapackages (e.g. linux-generic,
linux-server, linux-powerpc), a standard system upgrade will automatically
perform this as well.

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