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Ubuntu Pro?

All the open source you need.
Maintained, secured and tested.

Ubuntu Pro helps you offload security and compliance for your open source stack so you can focus on building and running your business. It’s an extra layer of services on top of every Ubuntu LTS.

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One subscription for comprehensive security
and compliance

  • Reduce average CVE exposure time from 98 days to 1 day
  • Get 10 years of stability for infrastructure, OS and applications
  • Ensure uptime and automate patching
  • Comply with FedRAMP, HIPAA and more

Free for personal use

Anyone can use Ubuntu Pro for free on up to 5 machines, or 50 if you are an official Ubuntu Community member.

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Available everywhere


Public Cloud



Ubuntu Pro gives you confidence
in your full open source stack

Pull your software
from a secure source

Your dev team can pull all open source software packages from a trusted source. Ubuntu Pro gets you timely security patches for over 25,000 software packages in Ubuntu’s Main and Universe repositories. This includes the most widely used open source applications and toolchains.

Gain a decade of platform stability

Deploying on Ubuntu means 10 years of platform stability with Pro. We guarantee the security maintenance of all packages in Ubuntu’s Main and Universe repositories and backport the fixes.

Ensure uptime. Speed up remediation.

Protect your organisation from financial and reputational damage by minimising the time to remediation. Ubuntu Pro includes Livepatch, so you can patch critical and high kernel CVEs at run-time with rollout control and defer unplanned reboots to the next maintenance window.

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Streamline compliance

Give your security and IT teams peace of mind with compliance certifications for major standards like DISA-STIG, FedRAMP and HIPAA. Apply hardening at scale. Get custom reports for regulatory compliance.

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Automate security patching at scale

Ubuntu Pro provides access to Landscape, which lets you track full software package information for all registered instances. You can easily install, update and remove software and define policies for automated security patching, audit logging and compliance reporting.

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Our vulnerability patching process

We work with open source communities to address vulnerabilities.

  1. Monitor CVEs

    We monitor for CVEs daily and triage to identify how they affect all the packages in Ubuntu’s Main and Universe repositories.

  2. Fix vulnerabilities

    We fix the vulnerability by applying the patches available and backporting when necessary. Your team doesn’t need to worry about understanding different codebases and their dependencies.

  3. Test

    We test the new version of the codebase to ensure the stability of the entire ecosystem.

  4. Release

    We release the new version of the software packages.

  5. Install

    You can immediately install the update. For vulnerabilities under embargo, you’ll have the fix ready by the time the fix is publicly announced.

  6. Livepatch

    Use Livepatch to automatically patch Linux kernel vulnerabilities and defer rebooting.

  7. Landscape

    Use Landscape to define logical groupings of machines and apply updates automatically or manually to groups of machines.

  8. Secured

    Your system is secure and stable, so your team can focus on valuable and critical tasks.

Additional services

Expert support for open source

Need hands-on experts to troubleshoot issues on your open source data fabric or code? Get operational support for your open source infrastructure and applications, including database, LMA, server and cloud-native apps.

On top of security patches and maintenance, you can purchase expert support for troubleshooting and bug fixing on your open source environment. We support over 2,300 packages in the Main Ubuntu repository, and over 23,000 packages in the Universe repository.

Get access to:

  • Our knowledge base, built from +15 years experience in supporting open source software.
  • Troubleshooting, break-fix and bug fix support on open source infrastructure platforms, like OpenStack, and applications, like python-based apps.
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