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Release notes

1.24+ck2 Bugfix release

June 19, 2023 - charmed-kubernetes --channel 1.24/stable


Two bug fixes related to the kubeapi-load-balancer charm have been backported from Charmed Kubernetes 1.27:

  • Kubernetes API Load Balancer LP#2017814

    nginx configuration is missing on non-leader units when VIP is set.

  • Kubernetes API Load Balancer LP#2017812

    ha-cluster-vip not correctly written to kubeconfig.

1.24+ck1 Bugfix release

August 5, 2022 - charmed-kubernetes --channel 1.24/stable

The release bundle can also be downloaded here.

What's new

  • Jammy Jellyfish (22.04) Support

All Charmed Kubernetes charms now come with the ability to run on jammy series machines. Xenial (16.04) support has been removed. Focal (20.04) remains the default series in all bundles and charms, however the charms now advertise jammy support and are considered stable for that series.

  • Improved Documentation

Vault documentation updated to cover 20.04 focal environment. Operator charms and replacements for addons now have dedicated guides. CIDR size limitations are better described in the charm's cidr config option.

  • Containerd

Improved GPU support by referencing apt sources with https and refreshing NVIDIA repository keys. Also improved NVIDIA driver upgrades and debug messages for units that encounter connectivity failures in air-gapped or proxied environments.

Improved upgrade actions for containerd packages as well as NVIDIA packages.

  • Docker Registry

Exposes docker registry cache-* settings to configure it as a pull-through cache.

  • Etcd

Limits the set of TLS ciphers to remove weaker ones.


A list of bug fixes and other minor feature updates in this release can be found at the launchpad milestone page for 1.24+ck1.


May 6th, 2022 - charmed-kubernetes --channel 1.24/stable

Before upgrading, please read the upgrade notes. Specific instructions for the 1.23 => 1.24 upgrade can be found here.

What's new

  • Transition to Charmhub

Starting with this release, charms and bundles will be published to Charmhub instead of the Charm Store.

If you have any processes that rely on pulling Charmed Kubernetes components from the Charm Store (for example, references to cs:charmed-kubernetes or cs:~containers/...), make sure you update those processes to pull from Charmhub instead.

When upgrading existing clusters, please refer to the upgrade notes for instructions on how to navigate this transition properly.

  • kubernetes-master renamed to kubernetes-control-plane

The kubernetes-master charm has been renamed to kubernetes-control-plane. See the inclusive naming page for more details about this change.

  • Kubelet added to kubernetes-control-plane

The kubernetes-control-plane charm now includes Kubelet, allowing kubernetes-control-plane units to participate as fully functioning nodes within Kubernetes clusters.

By default, the kubernetes-control-plane nodes will be configured with a taint to prevent pods from being scheduled to them. The new register-with-taints config option can be used to control this behavior at deploy time.

  • Calico is now the default CNI

The charmed-kubernetes and kubernetes-core reference bundles have been updated to use Calico for pod networking instead of Flannel. We recommend Calico as the default CNI choice for all new deployments due to the rich set of advanced networking features that it provides.

While we do recommend Calico as the default choice, we will continue to support new and existing deployments that use Flannel as well.

  • Docker support deprecated

The default container runtime in Charmed Kubernetes has been containerd for some time. The Docker container runtime is no longer supported.

Component upgrades

  • calico 3.21.4
  • cephcsi 3.5.1
  • cinder-csi-plugin 1.23.0
  • coredns 1.9.0
  • ingress-nginx 1.2.0
  • k8s-keystone-auth 1.23.0
  • kube-state-metrics 2.4.2
  • kubernetes-dashboard 2.5.1
  • openstack-cloud-controller-manager 1.23.0


A list of bug fixes and other feature updates in this release can be found at the launchpad milestone page.

Notes and Known Issues

Snaps may fail to install when the kubernetes-control-plane charm is deployed to a LXD container. This happens when the version of snapd on the host does not match the version inside the container. As a workaround, ensure the same version of snapd is installed on the host and in LXD containers.

Deprecations and API changes

  • Upstream

For details of other deprecation notices and API changes for Kubernetes 1.24, please see the relevant sections of the upstream release notes.