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Running enterprise-grade edge applications with EdgeX on Ubuntu Core

Watch our on-demand webinar

Billions of IoT and edge devices will be deployed on the market within the next decade. This presents new challenges for adopting the right frameworks for accelerating the development and deployment of edge applications running on Linux-based devices.

In this webinar, we will explore how Ubuntu Core and EdgeX, an enterprise-grade solution supported by Canonical, allows companies to focus on their business case and application development while also reducing time-to-market, saving time and money on operations tasks, and keeping the devices secured and updated.

Join us to learn:

  • the challenges facing the IoT & Edge market and how to overcome them
  • how you can accelerate the development of your edge applications with EdgeX
  • how Ubuntu Core can provide the best secure and reliable underlying OS for your IoT and edge devices
  • how you can accelerate the time to market of your edge applications and get up to 10y of support with Canonical