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Ubuntu on WSL

An FAQ for Data Scientists and Developers

Leverage the power of an Ubuntu development environment on Windows using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Ubuntu on WSL is particularly empowering for AI and ML data scientists. It combines the convenience of native Windows IDE and driver integration with the NVIDIA GPU accelerated AI/ML development environment Ubuntu is famous for.

IT managers also benefit from a consistent fleet management experience whilst enabling their data scientists to continue using their preferred Ubuntu environment.

Watch it live on March 10th at 9am (CST) / 3pm (GMT)

In this webinar, we cover:

  • The underlying technology behind WSL
  • How it differs from a traditional VM environment
  • Setting up Ubuntu on WSL for the first time
  • Using WSLg to run graphical Linux applications


  • Kyle Harper – Director of AI Strategy at Dell
  • Oliver Smith – Product Manager at Canonical
  • Jean-Baptiste Lallement – Engineering Manager at Canonical


Join us on a tour of Ubuntu on WSL.

Click on the video button below, register and watch it live on March 10th.