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A technical introduction to Ubuntu Core 22

Gain a technical understanding of the new features in Ubuntu Core, the OS optimised for IoT and embedded devices

Ubuntu Core, the Ubuntu flavour optimised for IoT and edge devices, has a new version available. Ubuntu Core has been widely adopted by both enterprises and the wider IoT community, as it successfully solves many of the key challenges edge device manufacturers face. Ubuntu Core 22 builds on the product’s existing strengths, while offering new features that increase the scope of usability.

Join David Beamonte, Product Manager at Canonical, Alfonso Sánchez and Philip Meulengracht, Software Engineers at Ubuntu Core, to gain a technical understanding of the new features in Ubuntu Core 22.

During this webinar we will:

  • Recap what Ubuntu Core is
  • Demonstrate how to remodel an Ubuntu Core system
  • Showcase how to upgrade an Ubuntu Core 20 system to Ubuntu Core 22, using remodelling
  • Walk you through the new validation sets feature
  • Show you how to perform a factory reset
  • Make use of quota groups to set resource limits on services