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Charmed Spark

Reference Architecture Guide for Charmed Spark 3 Release 1

Download the guide

Apache Spark is an open source software development framework and runtime that helps users develop parallel, distributed data processing and machine learning applications to run at scale.

Charmed Spark is an open source solution that helps users to deploy, monitor and manage Apache Spark workloads on Kubernetes clusters.

Download the reference architecture guide to gain insight and assistance in planning and
designing solutions that make use of Canonical Charmed Spark – an element of the Canonical Data Fabric suite of solutions for data-intensive workloads.

The reference architecture guide covers:

  • Charmed Spark solution architecture
  • Supported features and usage scenarios
  • System requirements and prerequisites for Charmed Spark
  • Reference deployment architectures for MicroK8s with MinIO, Charmed Kubernetes with Charmed Ceph; and AWS EKS with AWS S3


Learn more about Canonical Charmed Spark
Watch our webinar: Securing Apache Spark for Big Data Operations

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