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Real time kernel with Ubuntu

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What is a real time kernel?

A real time kernel is a kernel designed to serve extreme latency-dependent use cases and to provide deterministic response times to service events. The market adoption of real-time computing is growing and expected to accelerate in the years ahead.

What will the webinar cover?

In this webinar we will cover when and how you can deploy a real time kernel, exploring topics like:

  • What is real time? Definition and mythbusting
  • Applications in healthcare, industrial, automotive, robotics, and more
  • Kernel preemption and preemption modes
  • PREEMPT_RT: an out-of-tree patch for x86 and Arm architectures
  • Real time Ubuntu, delivering performance, ultra-low latency and security

Who is this webinar for?

  • Embedded software engineers
  • Solutions/systems architects
  • Developers
  • IoT business developers
  • Product managers

Watch on demand at your convenience.