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Public, private and managed clouds

Building hassle-free cloud operations

Whether it’s an enterprise with thousands of employees across the globe or a startup running from a garage, the success of the business largely depends on how it consumes technology. With private clouds, organisations are investing high upfront costs and spending the bigger portion of their IT budgets on operations, leaving behind less for digital transformation and innovation. With limited budgets, coping with the pace of technology evolution in their industries becomes even more challenging.

On the other hand, organisations are transforming into an OpEx cost model with the public cloud, offloading management of the infrastructure and focusing more on the application layer. However, this comes at a higher total cost of ownership and less control over their infrastructure.

So, how can CIOs build their cloud strategy to achieve the public-cloud like experience with the economics and control of a private cloud?

In this whitepaper, we breakdown the benefits and challenges associated with each cloud type and provide guidance on how to establish a cloud strategy that supports your business and cuts down unnecessary costs.

Whitepaper highlights:

  • Benefits and challenges of private clouds
  • Benefits and challenges of public clouds
  • How to build a business focused IT strategy
  • Evolving your private cloud into a data centre as a service
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