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Pentera shatters misconceptions with seamless migration from CentOS to Ubuntu

Migrating from CentOS to Ubuntu proves easier than expected, and well worth the effort.

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Pentera is a leader in Automated Security Validation™, empowering security professionals worldwide to challenge and test their security controls to validate their resilience and cyber readiness.

Following the CentOS 8 end-of-life (EOL) announcement, Pentera found itself in need of a new OS for its automated security validation platform. Direct CentOS successors lacked the maturity necessary for Pentera’s production use cases, so the company turned to Ubuntu.

Despite being a Debian-based OS, migrating to Ubuntu from CentOS was a seamless transition, and now Pentera is enjoying the benefits of a proven, secure OS with massive community support – not to mention a predictable release schedule that will ensure there are no more EOL surprises.

“Moving to a Debian-based OS might require a change of mindset, but I think Ubuntu might be the right choice for all businesses that need to migrate off CentOS. I can’t think of any other alternative that is as production-ready and as smooth”.

—Nitzan Dana, DevOps Lead, Pentera

Read the case study to learn:

  • Why Pentera chose Ubuntu over other CentOS alternatives
  • How Pentera was able to migrate approximately 80% of its deployment to Ubuntu with only minor code modifications
  • Pentera’s advice for other organisations migrating away from CentOS
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