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Scale, accelerate, and reduce time-to-market throughout IoT development

Canonical bridges the gap between silicon vendors, ODMs and end customers

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The Internet of things (IoT) landscape is growing rapidly. According to the latest
IoT Analytics report, the number of active endpoints deployed worldwide reached
16.7 billion in 2023.1 Meanwhile, the global IoT market value has grown to USD
662 billion.2 In light of the immense and continuously expanding scope of the IoT
arena, it is becoming increasingly important for industry stakeholders to maximise
value at every step of the IoT product lifecycle.

Silicon manufacturers play a foundational role in driving the IoT value chain, but
they do not work in isolation. To optimise their own operations and the broader
IoT journey, it is critical for silicon vendors to consider and fine-tune their
interactions with original design manufacturers (ODMs), original equipment
manufacturers (OEMs), independent software vendors (ISVs), and operating
system (OS) providers.

As the company behind Ubuntu and Ubuntu Core, the world’s most widely used
operating system for IoT use cases, Canonical partners closely with each of these
groups. Consequently, Canonical is uniquely positioned to serve as the bridge
connecting the different IoT players, helping to drive optimisation and value
across the full IoT product journey. Collaboration through Canonical leads to
faster time-to-market, reduced costs and more design wins, while resulting
in improved products that are informed by a broader scope of partner and
user feedback.

This whitepaper offers a closer look at Canonical’s role in the IoT value chain,
highlighting the potential benefits that Canonical partnership can offer to silicon
vendors through hardware-software co-optimisation and deeper cooperation
with the wider IoT ecosystem.

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