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Meet us at OSM Hackfest

12-16 June, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain

Everything about Open Source Mano in a single event

This event is a development oriented Hackfest in the form of several self-contained challenges. Join us to propose bug fixes, develop small features, write unit tests and automate end-to-end tests that will improve OSM. Challenges will be mentored by key members of the OSM community.

OSM Hackfest

The Hackfest will start on Monday 12 June and finish on Friday 16 June. On Monday, some theory sessions will be provided, followed by a description of the different challenges to be completed through the week. Participants will select a challenge to work on individually or in pairs.

All active participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. Certificates of Excellence will be awarded to all participants who complete their challenge.

This OSM Hackfest will be an opportunity to:

  • Understand the role of NFV Orchestration and OSM
  • Understand OSM architecture and its relationship with ETSI NFV Specifications
  • Get familiar with OSM installation
  • Understand the OSM development workflow, practices and tools: git, tox, gerrit, jenkins…
  • Understand the way of working in an open source project: contributing code, code reviews, automated testing…
  • Develop a first-hand experience with code development in OSM
  • Meet and interact with key OSM community members.

OSM15 Ecosystem Day

The OpenSourceMANO community is also organizing the OSM#15 Ecosystem Day on Wednesday, 14th June co-located with the OSM#15 Hackfest and OSM#15 Plenary Meeting taking place 12-16 June, 2023. You are welcome to share your OSM success story with the community.

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