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Modernise your cloud

Discover how Trilio and Canonical help organisations transition to new, maintainable cloud architecture in just weeks.

Companies across many industries have adopted the cloud computing paradigm, leveraging OpenStack to manage private clouds. But what happens when first generation environments become obsolete, non-upgradeable and exposed to security vulnerabilities? Trilio and Foundation Cloud Build from Canonical help define the migration path connecting the old with the new.

In this webinar find out how organizations can transition to new, maintainable cloud architecture in just weeks with Foundation Cloud Build, so you can continue running operations with minimal downtime and full support.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • What critical checkpoints you should move to OpenStack from other clouds or systems
  • How to determine which components are critical for your environment
  • How to use workload capture and migration to work across tenants, availability zones, distributions and versions
  • About real-world OpenStack migration stories
  • Tactics to cut down overall deployment time for your project using Canonical