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Creating a cloud-like bare metal experience in the data centre

For organisations looking to turn the management of bare-metal server resources into a cloud-like environment, hardware testing is a must-do. Not only does it lead to optimal hardware utilisation, it also reduces the cost of operations and increases developer productivity.

Optimised testing also eases the hardware validation process by providing a framework that allows large-scale, automated testing of hardware with minimum effort to ensure that the physical infrastructure is ready to serve production workloads. Welcome to metal-as-a-service (MAAS).

In this whitepaper, you will learn how MAAS provides a flexible and straightforward framework for administrators to test their hardware:

  • What MAAS frameworks allow users to do
  • How MAAS installs dependencies, and tracks progress and results
  • The types of tests MAAS provides in relation to storage, CPU, memory and others
  • How MAAS tests servers at scale
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