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Go Low-Ops and stay in control with Software Operators

Lower your overhead with an open-source framework

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A software operator encapsulates the knowledge and expertise of a real-world operations team and codifies it into a dedicated piece of software. Software operators help human operators and administrators run their applications efficiently and effectively. They are the obvious solution for going Low-Ops when operating applications. Low-Ops refers to the approach of automating the configuration and operation wherever applicable to reduce tasks to the minimum.

With Juju and the Charmed Operator framework, Canonical provides a fully open-sourced solution for implementing and running software operators. And there is a lot more than just the software: there is documentation as well as free training, guidelines and references for creating software operators.

Our secret weapon for Low-Ops: Model-driven operations

Operating solutions today are about integrating and managing applications. Juju uses models to form compositions of these applications. Models in Juju integrate applications into a logical unit. This approach solves several challenges, such as consistent access restrictions, sharing common operational data, or reusing deployment configurations.

Join the Webinar to learn about:

  • The open-source approach to software operators with Juju and the Charmed Operator Framework
  • Available guidance and resources
  • The idea of model-driven operations
  • How to leverage the Low-Ops approach for your solution