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Low latency and real time kernels for telco and NFV

Are kernel performance, priority and scheduling of the utmost importance to you? Are you tasked to evaluate real-time and low latency kernel options, amongst others?

This special report provides data on dozens of kernel-specific benchmark scenarios, and a complete analysis of their outcomes. Executive overview and executive conclusion are included at the very beginning for business decision makers. Additional technical analysis follows for an in-depth understanding of how the Canonical kernel team has reached its conclusions.

The baseline kernel for this special report is the Ubuntu generic Linux kernel. We show that Ubuntu 16.04 LTS offers the necessary kernel choice, with proven reliability. Our kernel team is always testing, reviewing and contributing to the latest kernel technologies. The right kernel selection can enhance the efficiency of VNF operations, as well as other latency and jitter sensitive applications.

“Deutsche Telekom is developing and deploying many new cloud applications on Ubuntu OpenStack as part of its secure and highly scaleable public cloud Business Marketplace ecosystem for SMB customers.”

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