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Kubernetes and Containerisation for Financial Services

A CIO’s guide to unlocking success in digital transformations

The financial services industry is transforming rapidly and the COVID-19 pandemic has tested financial services firms’ resilience in unforeseen ways. Phenomenal growth in digitisation, convergence of industries, and blurring of product constructs is reconfiguring the global financial system. To prepare for the next normal, financial services CIOs and their teams need to ramp up technology innovation, modernise their platforms, and increase technology productivity to unlock success in digital transformations.

Containerisation and Kubernetes have become inextricably woven into the digital transformation imperative. This white paper looks at the role of containerisation and Kubernetes in the cloud native transformation of financial services. By understanding why these technologies are so important and how best to leverage them, financial institutions can execute their digital strategy faster.

Topics covered in this whitepaper

  • Finserv cloud native infrastructure
  • A deep dive into container technology and container orchestration
  • Kubernetes adoption strategy options
  • An overview of Canonical Kubernetes
  • Key considerations for enterprise Kubernetes in Financial Services
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