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Solution brief: Charmed Kubeflow delivered on NVIDIA DGX systems

Canonical and NVIDIA: working together to help enterprises benefit from AI/ML

Download the solution brief

Charmed Kubeflow is now certified as part of the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software program!

Canonical, in collaboration with NVIDIA, enables and optimises Ubuntu on NVIDIA DGX AI supercomputers or mainstream servers built on the NVIDIA EGX Enterprise platform. Now we are taking the next step by testing both single-node and multi-node DGX systems to validate the functionality of Charmed Kubeflow on top of both MicroK8s and Charmed Kubernetes and launching an end-to-end certified MLOps solution. With the entire machine learning workflow on this stack, enterprises unlock quicker experimentation and faster delivery for AI initiatives.

From this solution brief, you will learn:

  • The key values of Charmed Kubeflow
  • Advantages of Charmed Kubeflow on NVIDIA DGX
  • How it leverages the enterprise security and support

Download here