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Landscape: The IoT Management Platform for Ubuntu

Ensure security and uptime during OTA updates

Download the Whitepaper

One of the key challenges you will have for managing your fleet of IoT devices, updating your devices over-the-air and patching known vulnerabilities comes at a cost.

Pushing updates at scale across your organisation could result in business disruption and regression defects. Business disruption associated with security patching comes in the form of human errors and staffing challenges associated with support, communication, and collaboration. Business disruption associated with security patching also comes in the form of technology challenges that encompass hardware shortcomings, hardware failures, and their corresponding software errors.

In this whitepaper you will learn how to build an actionable strategy for pushing security patches to your embedded linux devices.

Overcome security patching challenges

Download this whitepaper and learn about:

  • The three risk-based patching considerations that should be top of mind for every CISO.
  • How severity and priority are calculated, and how you should respond to each
  • Best practices for applying patches within your scheduled maintenance window, and determining when an unscheduled emergency maintenance window should be used.
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