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Introduction to confidential computing on public clouds with Ubuntu

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Are you ready to start your confidential computing journey? Join us on our webinar and learn how to get started today!

Public clouds are great - Yet, many users are still reluctant towards moving their security-sensitive workloads away from their private data centers and into the public cloud, due to a set of legitimate security concerns: What if a hypervisor vulnerability allows other virtual machines to leak your private data? Or what if a rogue cloud provider employee with access to your physical machine backdoors your workflow?

To address these security challenges, encryption at rest and in transit is not enough. What we need is a way to perform a privacy-preserving computation that can protect the confidentiality and integrity of your workload in use. Confidential computing achieves this by running your workload in a hardware-encrypted execution environment, that is isolated from the cloud provider’s privileged system software (e.g. hypervisor, host OS, and firmware), as well as its employees.

By working closely with its public cloud provider partners, Canonical Ubuntu is ready for you to start your confidential computing journey today! To learn more, join us in this webinar where we will answer the following questions:

  1. Why do we need security in use?
  2. What are the different approaches to confidential computing?
  3. How has Canonical Ubuntu enabled confidential virtual machines on Microsoft Azure?
  4. What business use cases can your organization solve with confidential computing today?