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An introduction to confidential computing

Improve the security of your public cloud workloads

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There exists today a solution to ensure the privacy of workloads in the cloud: trusted execution environments (TEE), more commonly known today as confidential computing. This new primitive is here to give you back control over the security guarantees of your code and data.

By leveraging hardware-rooted trusted execution environments, confidential computing aims to change the threat model of the public cloud. Its goal is to offer your workload strong integrity and confidentiality guarantees to protect it against potentially malicious cloud system software or a rogue cloud administrator.

Want to learn more about confidential computing? Download our whitepaper, where we talk about:

  1. The security of public cloud deployments and the challenges one faces with run-time security
  2. How popular TEEs implement isolation and remote attestation?
  3. An overview of Ubuntu’s confidential computing portfolio
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