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An intro to MicroK8s

Reliable, fast, small and upstream Kubernetes

MicroK8s is a single package that enables developers to get a fully featured, conformant and secure Kubernetes system running in under 60 seconds. Designed for local development, IoT appliances, CI/CD, and use at the edge, MicroK8s is available as a snap and available on Linux, Windows and Mac.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn why developers choose to work with MicroK8s as a reliable, fast, small and upstream version of Kubernetes and how you can get started. Learn more about the add-ons available including Kubeflow for AI/ML, Istio, Grafana and Prometheus for monitoring, Kubernetes dashboard and more.

“Canonical might have assembled the easiest way to provision a single node Kubernetes cluster”

Kelsey Hightower, Google