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Scale Android applications economically in the cloud with Anbox Cloud

Discover Canonical’s scalable, hardware-agnostic mobile cloud computing platform

Hardware limitations have long been a roadblock for developers of Android applications. Given the immense variety of Android device specifications, it is often impossible to deliver the most modern application experiences without alienating a large number of potential users who do not own high-end devices.

Mobile cloud computing platforms provide an answer to this by allowing apps to run from the cloud, rather than locally on the device. Traditionally, the only solution to this challenge has been to set up a virtual machine-based Android cloud instance. But this approach requires extensive

manual configuration and management – making it prohibitively expensive for most businesses.

Now, enterprises have a new alternative. Anbox Cloud leverages Canonical’s automation and virtualisation tools to deliver a scalable Android in the cloud platform that combines the capabilities of virtual machines with the low overheads and manageability of containers. By enabling companies to centrally and cost-effectively manage the user experience for millions of

global customers, Anbox Cloud eliminates the barriers to entry for developing hardware-agnostic, cloud-based Android apps.

Read this whitepaper to learn more, including:

  • The advantages that Anbox Cloud offers in economics, security, scalability, and performance
  • Four common use cases for Anbox Cloud — game streaming, virtual devices, enterprise mobile applications, and application testing at scale
  • The technology behind Anbox Cloud
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