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Intelligent auto-scaling for Open RAN Network Slicing

Missed us on Lightreading? The unique expert discussion will be available again on February 15th!

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Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face an ongoing challenge: managing the ever-growing network traffic generated by countless devices while simultaneously developing innovative business models, maintaining high-availability service-level agreements (SLAs), and reducing operational costs (OPEX).

Open-RAN architecture brings a paradigm shift to this equation, enabling cloud-native RAN management through AI-powered microservices orchestrated on RAN Intelligent Controllers. By leveraging Intel® FlexRAN™ SDKs, AI/ML inferencing libraries, and AI accelerations in Intel® Xeon® processors, we demonstrate the efficient deployment of high-performance, value-added AI-based RAN applications without requiring dedicated AI chips.

As the 5G ecosystem evolves, responsiveness and scalability become increasingly crucial. Canonical proudly supports Intel® FlexRAN™ and Intel® Xeon® using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with real-time kernel, ensuring seamless integration and performance optimization.

In this deep dive webinar, we will guide you through the implications for telecom operators and how this innovative architecture and framework can enhance performance by intelligently auto-scaling the Distributed Unit (DU) in a FlexRAN-based 5G using general-purpose hardware.

Key topics to be covered include:

  • FlexRAN: Revolutionizing Radio Access Networks
  • AI in RAN: Empowering Intelligent Network Management
  • Network Slicing: Optimizing Resources for Tailored Service Delivery
  • Ubuntu Real-Time Kernel: Maximizing Responsiveness and Performance
  • Secure Open Source: Ensuring Network Integrity and Security
  • MicroK8s: Simplifying Kubernetes Deployment for Telco Applications

Join us as we explore the future of telco networks and unveil groundbreaking advancements in AI-driven auto-scaling, radio service slicing, and Open-RAN technology.

Gabriel Brown, Senior Principal Analyst – Mobile Networks & 5G, Heavy Reading
Arno Van Huyssteen, CTO - Global Service Provider, Canonical
Shu-ping Yeh, AI-Applied Research Scientist, Intel