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Improving telecom security in 2023

Best practices to keep open source telco infrastructure secure

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Telecommunication systems carry user data traffic and other sensitive information about service subscribers. Our economy, everyday life and the essential services we receive depend on telecom networks and systems, making them part of a country’s critical infrastructure. However, this also makes telecoms one of the mostly targeted sectors by cyber-security attacks. For instance, over 100,000 customers were affected by attacks on service providers in North America in 2020. Today, over 80% of telecoms companies report to have had attacks on their systems. With growing attack surface on telecom systems every year, it is the operators’ responsibility to ensure data security and prevent intrusions and malicious activities on user data traffic.

Join us in this webinar to learn about how Ubuntu Pro can help the telecommunications industry safeguard open source telco infrastructure and workloads.

Over generations of telco technologies, the industry has built standards to ensure security and data privacy for the software that runs telco networks. However, total system security can only be achieved when the platforms and the systems where telco software runs are also well protected. Operating systems that host telecommunications software must therefore meet all industry standards and safeguard the running workloads.

Ubuntu Pro addresses that very purpose: It is built to provide you with comprehensive compliance with security standards, such as FIPS, and an unrivaled security coverage promise for commonly used open source toolchains. Now in general availability, Ubuntu Pro provides users with a set of security features for an extensive period of 10 years.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why security matters in telecommunications
  • Common security problems in telecommunications
  • Ubuntu Pro security features for telecom


  • Serdar Vural, Product Manager, Telco
  • David Markanich, Business Development Director, Alliances
  • Henry Coggill, Product Manager, Security Certifications